With the “Modellregion klimapositiv” (Climate Positive Model Region) we are part of an innovation hub that aims to close regional material cycles and use biogenic residual materials sensibly by means of sustainably produced biochar. Sustainable carbon-economies include the concept of biochar as a negative emission technology (NET). Waste often cannot be entirely avoided in industrial processes. The way we do business leaves behind numerous residues, most of which are incinerated. Carbonisates, on the on the other hand, reduce emissions from important key sectors and, through their multiple ecological benefits, help to offset even the most intractable emissions.


The “Modellregion klimapositiv” initiative, which emerged from the Farm-Food-Climate-Challenge (FFCC), and its network combine existing knowledge on the production and application of these carbonisates from various biomasses and waste. The aim of our initiative is to initiate lighthouse projects in Schleswig-Holstein for the production and application of biochar.


To this end, NovoCarbo accompanies companies and municipalities (including the city of Kiel) in the conception and realisation of pyrolysis projects for the production of biochar and contributing to a deeper

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