At the beginning of 2022 Novocarbo was elected as the Carbon Farming Start-up Number  by the German Top Agrar magazine. In its anniversary issue, the agricultural magazine provided information on carbon removal and named the top five start-ups in the carbon farming industry.

Carbon farming includes technologies that reduce emissions or store carbon in agriculture. Some of these practices belong to the carbon removal sector, such as biochar, where emissions from the atmosphere are stored long-term through natural or artificial processes. These technologies have a negative carbon footprint.

The use of biochar is particularly promising because not only does it function as long-term storage for CO2, but its use in various sectors brings benefits to the industries. For example, the use of biochar increases the fertility of soils. Because biochar helps to build up additional soil carbon it is one of the most important technology for reducing emissions –  especially in the agricultural sector, 

We are pleased that Top Agrar informs about this and shares our enthusiasm for this sector. 

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Novocarbo Biochar