Novocarbo has joined forces with reforestation initiative Naturetreet to help enable a more successful and sustainable reforestation effort in Germany. Naturetreet utilizes Novocarbo’s advanced biochar products to improve growth conditions for seedlings, reduce water needs, improve biodiversity and ultimately make the whole process even more sustainable than it was before. The collaboration results in areas planted by Naturetreet to have even more impressive carbon sink properties than they would otherwise.


Biochar also serves a valuable role in the revitalization of areas with depleted microbial life. Novocarbo’s advanced biochar products help beneficial bacteria, fungi, yeasts and other organisms thrive in soils – helping forests reestablish and retain diverse and healthy ecosystems. This microbial life, although not as immediately noticeable as larger plants and animals, is an absolutely vital aspect of any healthy forest. This makes biochar especially valuable for reforestation efforts – as areas that have been devoid of plant life for a number of years will typically have soil containing very low levels of these important organisms.


Lastly, reforestation efforts always come with the inherent risk of natural disasters destroying planted trees. Pyrolysis offers a chance to utilize any trees lost to the elements by turning them into biochar that can then be used to improve the growth conditions of the very same forest. This further adds to the circular aspect of the practice, while also adding an extra level of security to the emissions accounting of reforestation projects.


The success of this collaboration with Naturetreet could play a major role in how initiatives like this operate in the future. Aiming for the most substantial carbon reduction possible will make green initiatives such as reforestation even more valuable as the world economy races to shift to a circular model. Carbon sinks are set to play a major role in the coming decades, and Novocarbo is excited to contribute to the development of cost effective, biologically diverse and efficient carbon sinks.



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